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For 50 years Silcoms has manufactured high-quality conveyor chain systems and components for many market sectors. Our chains, sprockets, shafts and general machined components are recognised for their durability, reliability and excellent resistance to wear.

Our conveyor chains and sprockets are available in a wide range of imperial and metric sizes from 2”/50mm pitch to 20”/500mm pitch standard and non-standard type chains, to suit customer and equipment requirements. An extensive range of materials and coatings can be applied to suit each individual process requirement. Our in-depth knowledge of materials and heat treatment processes allows us to offer dimensionally similar chains but with greater breaking loads and improved wear resistance than standard chains.

Bakery Industry

Silcoms Chain & Conveyor Systems have successfully manufactured conveyor chain, sprockets, and shafts to OEMs, End Users and Bakery Engineers for over 35 years. Our chains and components are installed in Final Provers, Ovens and Coolers together with other key ancillary equipment, for example high tips, and first provers etc.

Steel Industry

Silcoms Chain & Conveyor Systems supplies a range of chain and sprockets to various OEMs and End Users for use in extremely hostile environments within the steel industry.
The chain types used in this market sector are typically non standard, and are supplied with a wide range of attachments; some of these processes also demand extremely high breaking loads which can be in excess of 100,000 lbs breaking load.

Chemical Industry

Silcoms Chain & Conveyor Systems supply a wide range of Elevator and Drag back type Chains, for use in elevating and dragging bulk type materials. They are supplied with various attachments.
Many applications require non standard chain types, needing special heat treatments with high breaking loads due to the abrasive material processed in this industry.
We also manufacture and supply sprockets, shafts, and buckets to give a complete solution to our customers’ requirements.

Escalator Chain

Silcoms Chain & Conveyor Systems manufactures a range of Escalator Chain, which in the main is used in underground systems within the UK.
The chain specification in terms of material types, heat treatments, breaking loads and tolerances are all stringently controlled; this is due to the safety demands required when involved in transporting people.


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